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October is National Audiology Awareness and Use Your Hearing Protection Month

October is the time of year when we begin to shift our focus toward meaningful events and Holidays that are not too far away anymore.  Our Quality of Life centers on good interactions with family and friends as we go through the rest of the year.   Hearing and understanding conversations is particularly important at this time because it directly affects our enjoyment of these get togethers.  Your family's enjoyment and memories of what has happened are also affected.  Lets keep everyone happy this year! 

Know that your Audiologist is the professional to consult about your hearing.  We specialize in assessing the ear and its performance.  We can offer treatments if they are warranted but our chief focus is on proper diagnosis of what is happening with your hearing and then, if treatment is necessary, selecting the most appropriate and affordable path to take.


October also begins the very active preparations for many for the Hunting Season.  Be SMART and use appropriate hearing protection for all loud noise activities.  There are custom ear plugs available that will be comfortable to wear and allow you to SAFELY engage in the activities you like.  We have hearing protectors that will allow you to hear sounds around you and protect you from the loud sounds when need as well.  Custom products are very comfortable, easy to clean and are dependable.  Non-custom products are less expensive and provide good protection as well and we can help in obtaining the right product for your noise condition.  So be SMART and be SAFE! and Happy Hunting!!!


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