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I am reminded when I see the tree above of the cars that are hybrids that have the tree that grows if you are driving efficiently and the tree shrinks away if you are not.

This time of year we will celebrate with our family, friends, co-workers and meet new people frequently.  We have the opportunity for our "tree" to grow.  We have the chance to tremendously enjoy each other's company and develop relationships.  Good hearing is critical to the success we experience.  If you are not at your best with hearing and understanding it is time to have it checked. You get your eyes checked, your teeth checked - have your hearing checked as well.  Make sure you are at your best for those you care about.  Having a hearing check up is not difficult and it does not necessarily mean that you have to do anything else.  We will provide the assessment and talk to you about the results and answer any questions you have.  You decide what happens with the recommendations we discuss - no pressure to do anything.

Be informed.  Be comfortable!  Be your BEST!!!  Let Your Tree Grow!!!!

May You have a Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! 

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