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It is the beginning of a new year and we are thinking health and wellness thoughts in general.  Many of us will think get my eyes checked - call the Optometrist, get my teeth checked - call the Dentist.  We should also think get my ears checked - call the Audiologist.

Hearing care is a vital part of our health care that we don't often appreciate.  Taking a quick look at your hearing levels will not hurt and may be an 'eye opener'.  Hearing loss occurs gradually and is not always recognized by those affected.  It contributes to depression, anxiety and paranoia.  It is connected with increased stress and tension.  Communication is something we do every day and if it does not go well it makes our quality of life poor.  SO CHECK IT's a few stats for those numbers folk out there: 

age 13-19: 1 in 5 have some type hearing loss, age 37-48: 1 in 14 have hearing loss

age 49-66: 1 in 6 with hearing loss, age 66 and up: 1 in 3 with hearing loss

smokers have a 70% higher risk of significant hearing loss, 30% higher risk for diabetics

30-40% decline in thinking ability for those with untreated hearing loss - the brain and ears are connected - attention span, short term, long term and working memory affected

untreated hearing loss will impact pay levels for workers - $30,000 estimated lost due to work quality issues, missed promotions and cost of mis-communication errors on the job

Be your Best --- Hear your Best --- Hear Well --- Live Well! 




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