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MAY IS FOR BETTER HEARING!  The Month of May is celebrated as Better Hearing Month Nationally.  Better Hearing is Better Living!

Hearing loss is the great thief when it comes to our Quality of Life.  It creeps up quietly and slowly over several years time and gradually affects our understanding of what is said to us.  It is easy to think that others are at fault - they mumble, look away when talking or don't speak up and enunciate.  Try this "test" for your own information.  The next time you are with a small group and are not understanding everything being said, mentally step back from the activity and look at what is happening.  How are the others in the group behaving?  If they are responding and adding their comments without hesitation they are understanding the person speaking.  The speech is loud enough and clear enough for the rest.  The problem is that your hearing levels are not as good and you are not able to pick up all of the speech sounds.  Respectfully speaking - if you fail this "test" you need my test - a complete hearing evaluation.  I will evaluate your situation and your ears and talk with you about the best way forward.  It may be to use professionally fit hearing instruments, It may be to get specific treatment that will help you hear better without using instruments.  The test will tell us and you can trust that, as a Doctor of Audiology, if you do not need hearing instruments I will not be recommending them to you. 

May should also be a time when we think to protect our precious hearing.  USE those hearing protective devices in noisy situations.  If you want advice on the best protection for your noise exposure call us.  If you want to get custom hearing protection because it works and is comfortable to wear call us as well.

Life is for giving it your best every day.  Be your Best - Hear your Best!  May is coming soon make it truly a Better Hearing Month!!! 

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